The panbox and panball together, represent a proceedure that conforms 2d concept illustration to 3d real world camera space.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman

Visual Effects Concept Exploration

Three Musketeers

Three Musketeers

Script Concepts

The Thing

The Thing

Studio Backings

Repo Men

Repo Men
Production Concept

Repo Men

Repo Men
Location Concept

Land of the Lost

recent mattes and concepts

Time Traveller's Wife

studio backing 40'x300'

John Fraser , Film Artist


The panbox and panball at top of page, represent an approach that conforms 2d concept illustration to 3d real world camera space. Since 1994, I have used this configuration on many projects in the following categories of the entertainment industry.


Stage Backing and Trans-Light planning - Location capture and revision.
Environment pre-visualization in VR, 360 degree illustration for 3d scene creation.

VFX concept illustration

 Matte and Paint

2D and 3D matte build, paint and composite

Spherical and Cubic environment preparation for interactive and VR .


Design and preparation of  photo-real backings. Although more infrequent these days, I still have a passion for large format work.
I employ an integrated painting system for large format mural and backing art.



Recent Production CV - abridged

Feature Film, Snow White and the Huntsman, 2011, Universal Pictures
Director – Rupert Sanders
Project Role / VFX Concept development of Queen metamorphosis

Feature Film, Pixels, 2015, Sony Entertaiment
Director – Chris Columbus
Project Role / Arcade Mural Artist

Feature Film, Carrie, 2012, MGM
Director – Kimberly Pierce
Project Role / Lead Scenic Artist

Feature Film, Pacific Rim, 2011-12, Warner Bros.
Director – Guillermo del Toro
Project Role / Lead Scenic Artist
Feature Film, Cosmopolis, 2011, Universal Pictures
Director – David Cronenberg                          
Project Role / Scenic Artist

Feature Film, Silent Hill, 2010, Universal Pictures
Producer – Don Carmody
Project Role / Scenic Artist

Series, Falling Skies, 2010, Universal Pictures
Production Designer – Rob Gray                          
Project Role / Scenic Artist

Feature Film, The Thing, 2010, Universal Pictures
Production Designer – Marcus Rowland                             
Project Role / Scenic Artist, Photo-real Backing Artist

Feature Film, Three Musketeers, 2011, for Mr. X, Dennis Burardi
Project Role / Script Concept Artist

Feature Film, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, 2010, Universal Pictures
Production Designer – Marcus Rowland
Project Role / Scenic Artist, Photo-real Backing Artist

Feature Film, Land of the Lost, recruited by Rhythm and Hues
for Mosaic Media Group
Director, Brad Silberling
Producers, Sid and Marty Krofft
for Universal Pictures
Project Role/ Senior Concept Developer and Matte  Artist

Feature Film, Time Travelers Wife, 2007, New Line Cinema
(released, 2009)
Production Designer – John Hutman
Project Requirements / Scenic planning and preparation of 300 x 26 ft. backing for studio

Feature Film, Repo Men, 2007, for Mambo Film Productions
(released, 2010)
Production Designer, David Sandefur, Art Director, Dan Yarhi
Project Role / Architectural Concept Artist

Feature Film, Outlander, 2007, for Spin Productions.
Project Role / Environment Concept and Matte Artist

Feature Film, Jumper, 2006, for Jumper Productions, VFX Supervisor, Joel Hynek, VFX Producer, Kevin Elam
Project Role / Visual Effects Concept Artist, Crew Scenic Artist

Feature Film, Mr. Magorium’s Magic Emporium, 2006, for Stupid Zebra Productions, Art Director, Brandt Gordon
Project Requirements: to plan and create digital art for  trans-light preparation of store interior, provided for exterior scenes of  at Wellington St. location

Feature Film, The Producers, for New Deal Studio
Exec Producer – Mel Brookes
Visual Effects Supervisor for NDS – Anthony Riazzi
Project Requirements / VFX Concept development and creation of 3d Matte camera projection art to extend exterior street studio build.

Feature Film, Silent Hill
Production Designer – Carol Speer, Scenic Lead, John Bannister
Project Role / Crew Scenic Artist and Mural Backing Artist

Feature Film, Four Brothers
Project Role / Crew Scenic Artist, Photo-real Backing Artist

Feature Film, A History of Violence
Director – David Cronenburg
Exec Producer – Justis Greene
Producer – Chris Bender
DP – Peter Suschitsky
Production Designer – Carol Speer
Project Role / Crew Scenic Artist, Photo-real Backing Artist

Feature Film, Cinderella Man, for “Colder than Jersey Productions”
VFX Supervisor for Digital Domain – Mark Forker
Director – Ron Howard
Producer – Todd Hallowell
Production Designer – Wynn Thomas
Cinematographer – Salvatore Totino
Project Role / VFX Concept Illustrator to design and plan 3D Matte Concepts for Production and VFX

Feature Film, Matrix, for ESC Entertainment
Visual Effects Supervisor for ESC - Kim Libreri
Head of R&D - Andy Lomas
2D Sequence Supervisor – Matt Dessero
Project Role / Sequence Concept Artist, Digital Matte Artist, Virtual Background Artist

Feature Film, Bullet-proof Monk, for Blur Productions
Visual Effects Supervisor for Blur Studio – Richard Bluff
Project Role / Consultant and Digital Matte Artist

Feature Film, Freddie vs. Jason, for Shawn Danielle Production Services Limited for New Line Cinema
Producer – Doug Curtis
Production Designer – John Willet
Visual Effects Supervisor – Ariel Shaw
Project Role / Concept Artist for Production and Digital Matte Artist for VFX

Feature Film, Santa Clause II, for GVFX for Disney
Visual Effects Supervisor – John Gajdecki
Project Role / Concept Artist for Santa’s North Pole Ice Globe Environment

Feature Film, Music Man
Producer - John Eckart
Production Designer – Stephen Henderson
Project Requirements / to design and create Murals for stage

Feature Film, Visitors, for Photon VFX
Producer -- Carolyn Grubb,
Visual Effects Supervisor – Soren Jenson
Project Role / Lead Compositor, Digital Matte Artist

Feature Film, First 20 Million is the Hardest, for DKP Effects
Producer – Fox Entertainment
Project Requirements / 2D, 3D Production Concept Designer, 2D Digital Paint Artist

2 Commercials for President’s Choice
Organics, client: Besimon-Byrne D'Arcy and co-produced with DKP Effects
Project Role / Digital Matte Artist, Visual Effects Supervisor, Creative Designer

3 Commercials for Telus Canada, for Mad Films
Stage Design - Joel Laing
Project Role / Digital Matte Artist, Visual Effects Supervisor, Creative Director

Television Network Opening Theme for Chorus Television’s Movie Central, client: YTV Canada
Project Role / Creative Director, Concept Designer, Digital Matte Painter

Feature Film, X-Men, 2000
Director - Bryan Singer
Producer - Tom DeSanto, Richard Donner
Production Designer - client: John Myhres
Project Role / 2D, 3D Concept  Artist for John Myhres, Production Designer,and 3D Digital Matte Concept Artist for closing scene of film.

Feature Film, Bicentennial Man, 1999
Producer / Director - Chris Columbus
Digital Effects Producer - Lisa Goldberg
Project Requirements / to create 3D Digital Matte Environments of New York and San Francisco

Feature Film, The Big Hit, 1998
Director - Kirk Wong
Producer - John Eckart
Visual Effects by C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures
Animation Director - client: Kyle Menzie
Project  Role / Digital Matte
Consultant / Matte Artist for a 3D Digital Environment

Feature Film, Mimic, 1997
Director - Guillermo del Toro
Producer - B. J. Rack
Project Role / Digital Matte Artist

Thank you for your consideration.

John Fraser
(416) 801- 9191

Matrix Revolution

Matrix Revolution
Street Infinity - 3D VB Matte Projection


Cube Environment - Tile Intersection


Magneto's Lair - Intro Shot Plan

Bicentennial Man

Bicentennial Man
New York City - Matte - with NY plate

First Union Bank

First Union Bank
Commercial Pool Intro - 3D Matte for ILM

Dark City

Dark City
Concept and Matte